Community Volunteer Reaction

These programs would cease to exist without the generous time offered by volunteer physicians. Another significant benefit to tattoo removal programs is that they are far less expensive to the general public than imprisonment. According to an expert’s notes, keeping one gang member out of prison saves taxpayers on average between $30,000 to $50,000 a year (Poljac 5). Comparing the cost of a few tattoos for a former gang member and the cost for keeping that same member in prison for a single year, it is easy to see why it is much more cost effective to support such programs. And that is only one member; imagine the multitude of gang members that are kept out of prison due to these programs. Not only is the cost alleviated, but volunteers are offering a new outlook and second chance for gang members. Members of respective communities such as local police force also benefit from tattoo removal programs. Costs alleviated from these programs for police officers include not having to spend both time and risk their physical well-being tracking and documenting gang members according to an Illinois Appellate Court. Gang members are taken off the streets and kept out of prison which also lifts weights off of prison staff members.

-Alex D.

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