How effective is the program becomes the next question that must be addressed. While no formal research exists regarding the program’s efficiency, verification from individuals who have successfully completed the program, say that their lives have made significant changes for the better. Even though the basis for evaluating the various programs’ efficiency relies solely on the individual’s experience with the program, their ability to stay away from the gang life as well as their ability to retain a job, this is probably the best resource for evaluation. According to the Agape Light Tattoo Removal Program’s website, over the last two years, over 253 people have expressed an interest in having their tattoos removed (Kaatz). Futures look brighter for the majority of those who wish to participate in these programs.
The programs may also be cost effective in addition to having specific physical effective aspects. Gang members who often times lack sufficient levels of income to have their tattoos removed, benefit from the fact that most of the tattoos removed in prominent spots on the body are free of charge (Bochenek 1). Only when extensive removal needs to be performed will removal programs begin to charge for the services they provide.

-Alex D.

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