Gang Retort

Weber, Donald. 2003. Web. 2 Dec. 2010.

Because police have been using tattoos as a way to track gangs, gang members have been changing up the tattoos that they use. If gangs have multiple different tattoo styles or types that they use if becomes more difficult for police to track them. It has also become more common to hide gang related in an elaborate sleeve or other tattoo. By putting the words, numbers or symbols with other tattoos they become less obvious and harder for police to find (Piley 51-52). Police must deal with these changes if they plan to continue to use tattoos as a way to follow gangs. They must continue to document tattoos that they suspect to be gang related using FIs. Police also must begin to cross-reference these photos in order to gain a better understanding of all tattoos used by a gang. Gangs change with the police in order to evade and fly under the radar. This therefore can lead to more tattoos, different tattoos, or more elaborate tattoos. This can cause potential problems if the gang member ever wants to get out and get those tattoos removed.

Tattoos as Clues
Transforming Uses
Permanent Pictures
Not Pop Culture
Police Work Uncovered
No Profiling

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Anika McEwan