Laughter: The Liberator


I believe in making people laugh. I make people laugh because I bond with people through laughter. I feel truly awkward around those who attempt to humor me, and fail. People will laugh at just about anything; even my voice can produce laughter. Once in high school a friend of mine was extremely bored in his 7th period math class, his eyes wandered to the window. While the teachers back was turned, he opened the window, crawled out of class, and escaped to the roof. Very few noticed this, and my laughter was difficult to contain. I love to laugh; I feel rejuvenated, and a warm feeling washes over my body. Being humorous is a skill unlike any other; I hone it in my everyday conversations and in my writing. “It was a beautiful day and he felt like shit” was the introductory line of my short story. I’m an aspiring entertainer, I’m very sarcastic, not very charismatic, and sometimes stutter, yet, I strive to be funny in social situations.

We live in an offbeat world when it comes to comedy. It can be pure and harmonious; however, we admire the absurd; gorge on the gross, and relish the risqué. Laughter has an intoxicating power to it. I’m addicted; I get caught in laughter spurts struggling to break free. “I used to main line Starburst.” Daniel Tosh once joked, cut with a video of him in the confines of a public restroom immersing a hypodermic needle into a pool of pink Starburst. “Fuck, I’ve only got yellows….” He moans in despair. I love Starburst, moreover I learn from shows like Tosh.0 and the humor of adultswim. Upon viewing, my stress and problems melt away into my aching diaphragm.

Making people laugh has a satisfaction incomparable to any other. It brightens my day and makes my conversations more enjoyable and meaningful. I gravitate toward funny people and they will always find new ways to amuse me. Laughter is beautiful, I’m attracted to it, and I believe in its necessity. We laugh to conform, we laugh to enjoy, and we ultimately laugh to understand each other. Why then, do you find me laughing when you ask me what I believe?

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