The Nerd Behind the Music

The Nerd behind the Music

I believe in band camp. The typical picture that many people see when band camp comes into their head is a bustle of nerdy, pimple faced, metal-mouth geeks running around like chickens with their heads cut off on a field used for a much more macho activity. Although a lot of this may hold true, it is band camp with those geeks that formed and shaped my life and interest in music.

I started playing the trumpet in the fifth grade and my interest lifted me to a whole new level of happiness. I was just drawn toward tooting sounds out of that 18 inch piece of scrap metal. It rattled my brain, enthused my soul and often times annoyed my teacher and other classmates. I had become the official band geek of my class. I was the one who carried my instrument around in the case everywhere. I had established that image but instead of hiding my appreciation for what I loved to do, I flaunted it. I didn’t let the minor setbacks such as the teasing from another student hold me from busting out my horn and performing. I had a passion, I had a gift, and I had a reason for coming to school each and every day. Truth behold, I believe I had a legitimate reason to be laughing at those who dare laugh at the kid with true potential.

When I came to high school, I stepped up my nerdy ego to a whole other level. I joined the marching band. I knew that I was not going to be viewed as the most popular or athletic of students, but that did not matter. All I needed was my trumpet and my friends in the band to get me by. I played and played tirelessly, marched the field with determination, and kept up my image like it was seriously going out of style. Through band camp and the regular marching season in my four years at Rock Canyon High School, I established many friendships, became closer with my teacher, sharpened my musical skills, and fostered a new admiration for the musical arts. It was my deepest of desires to be in band with others that had a true passion for the musical arts and to be associated with those iconic and awkward four-eyed band members.

The band is my hideout, it is my home from home, and it is my family. And you can tell that I have the true nerdy band passion in me as I have joined my college marching band to blast sounds through the stadium in order to pump up the crowd. I even venture back home to see the nerds I grew with to share and renew many more memories. Actions such as this may not be viewed in the trendiest of fashions, but that doesn’t matter because as long as I have my true love for band camp, why should I let the laughter and judgment of others hold me back? I believe in band camp and I can bust you a beat to prove it.

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Alex Dagner