The Power Of Tattoos In History

Mike S.

Imagine you are in an art museum. On either wall of the long brilliantly lit room hang fascinating paintings. You see each painting and notice their intricacy and beauty, but you don’t understand what the artist was attempting to convey. You probably would not be able to unless you understand what caused the artist to make that painting. The same goes for gang tattoos of today. To truly understand the modern day American gang tattoos you must look into history. You must look into the cultures that developed the power and symbolism of the tattoo, beyond the ink and into the true meaning of the tattoo. The art form is as complicated and intricate as any other form that exists today, and is used by members in every social class in America. Gang members were not the first individuals to use tattoos, nor will they be the last. Tattoos have been around for longer than history has been recorded, and through that time they have gained something more than the image that they are.
Traveling by Tattoos
Beyond the Ink
Changing Ink
Ties Through Tattoos